Cradle to Cradle Conference

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Instructor: VIA taskforce of energy efficiency and sustainable design.
Course ID: VIA conference - Sustainability
Language: English
Semester: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Term: Spring 2012

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Document 01: Concerence_program.pdf

Video 01: Part 1 (see conference program)
Video 02: Part 2 (see conference program)
Video 03: Part 3 (see conference program)
Video 04: Part 4 (see conference program)
Video 05: Part 5 (see conference program)

Link 01: Part 6 (see conference program)

Course Information:

C2C is a set of principals that promote a positive vision of the future. It celebrates the abundance of human creativity, culture

and productivity. It is important to keep focusing on innovative development within technologies, design and materials

creating future solutions with high quality. The C2C principals believe in solutions that allow growth in consumption. At the

same time, it is an environmentally and economical advantage, creating added value for clients, users and the environment.

C2C reframes design as a beneficial, regenerative force - i.e. eco-effective - abandoning the standard approach of minimizing

the harm we inflict, – i.e. eco-efficiency. The concept is based on these main design-principles: waste equals food – i.e.

eliminate the concept of waste; use current solar income; celebrate diversity and anticipate evolution, these principals

could be an eye opener for students, consultants, contractors and clients.

At the conference, the opportunity to share knowledge and to learn from other countries’ experience of C2C inspired buildings,

is just one step forward to more innovative solutions for the future.


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