Can you get seasick on top of the world's tallest building

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Term: Spring 2013

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Chief Engineer Jens Fussing from COWI A / S, who in Denmark is the only one certified to perform high-rise in the  United Arab Emirates, will talk about the challenges and opportunities to build high - very high.
Jens Fussing has worked 8 years in Dubai City and helped to design Skyline in Dubai.

828 meter concrete and steel
You will also find answers to why the world's tallest building Burj Khalif at 828 meters
is constructed in concrete,
the first 600 meters and the rest is made of steel.

Why not in Denmark?
The prerequisite for building high in Denmark there. But why do we not do it?

Jens Fussing will give his vision of that, and he will give examples of
how the Danish building practices can be integrated into towers.

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