IP Erasmus RenoPassCoDe 2014

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Term: Spring 2014

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IP Erasmus RenoPassCoDe 2014 

RenoPassCoDe 2014 is an IP Erasmus project in which interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation is in focus.

The goal is an awareness of and an upgrade of the students' knowledge of the problem issues, such as the European Union and the rest of the world is facing with regard to issues of sustainability and energy renovation in architecture, construction, and the environment.

The focal point of the academic content is a building renovation where the students have to come up with proposals for renovation solutions of a selected building. Here the focus is put on an energy retrofit renovated down to the passive house standard of refurbishment. The students are supposed to develop a model for how to convert an existing building into a new modern multistory social housing that meets the requirements that are expected to apply by default in 2020.

RenoPassCoDe 2014 is this time to be held in Austria, where there is a high concentration of buildings built after the Passive House concept. There will be a great opportunity to study existing passive houses in the arranged studytour which is arranged within the project.

The students will be introduced to the project before they arrive in the host country Austria and the thematic objective concerning the project will be made visible to the students through a digital platform in OCW (Open Course Ware).

In the project there is also focus on the cultural and social relations. In this context, students must bring an intercultural feature which takes place during the project.

The IP Erasmus project is expected to involve 58 students and 18 teachers from the seven participating countries: Denmark, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal, United Kingdom, Estonia and Austria. Here they work together intensively for 16 days in approx. 14 international teams where the common language is English.

The project is scheduled for 5 ECTS points.

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